Software Development

I've been doing full life cycle software development professionally since 1984. I have worked on a wide range of systems and applications, from large scale database applications through to high performance gaming systems. Though I have experience at the executive level I still find tremendous joy in writing code, building applications and architecting systems.

I am currently offering software development services on a contract basis. My most recent experience is doing full stack, cloud based web applications with Ruby on Rails. If you need an application built from scratch or need an application modified or updated, let's talk.


David Alison has been a tremendous asset to our website development team. He came on board during a crucial time of our development and was able to bring some high-visibility features from idea to implementation ahead of schedule and in a format that was intuitive for our users.

One of the best things about working with David is his ability to hone in on a "third option"; whereas I might be stuck between this idea or that idea, David is able to see through to the heart of the issue and come up with another way of solving a problem that meets the need better than any other proposed solution. Beyond his highly capable technical prowess--he is just a great guy. David has such a positive, can-do attitude and collaborating with him on our projects has really been a joy. He works confidently and quickly and his dependability has been unmatched. I am eager to continue working with him in the future.


Director, Curriculum Production
Accelerate Learning

Technology Stack Experience

Programming Languages
Language Notes
Ruby Current primary language
Javascript Primarily client side
Object Pascal Previous extensive work in Delphi
C / C++ / C# / ObjectiveC Built extensively in C++ on Windows, dabbled with ObjectiveC and Swift on iOS
Basic Primarily Visual Basic for rapid prototyping on Win platform
Elixir Learning stages, experimenting with Phoenix
Development Technologies
Technology Notes
Rails Active in Rails development since 2008 - Rails 1 through 5
HTML / CSS Native building of web pages, as well as leverage CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Semantic
Delphi Wrote several large scale commercial applications using Delphi
Visual Basic While dated now, built extensive rapid prototypes using VB
Git / Github Prefer Git for version control. Knowledge of VSS, Perforce and Subversion
Technology Notes
SQL Based Servers Experience leveraging MySQL, Postgres and MS SQL Server.
Redis Leveraged for session management, stats management and caching
Amazon S3 Used S3 extensively for various storage tasks
Technology Notes
Heroku Extensive experience with platform and multiple add ons
Amazon Web Services S3, EC2, EBS, Glacier and API access via Ruby
Twilio Leveraged for SMS and Voice applications