AlisonWeb designed and built a training system for teaching employees how to resist social engineering attacks, the fastest growing and most effective form of cyber attack.

Our focus is on six key categories:

  • Password Management
  • Secure Web Browsing
  • Safe Email Use
  • Working Remotely / Traveling
  • Data Protection
  • Social Media

We train your employees with our chat bot based online training system, custom tailored to your organization. Our goal is simple, to make your employees safer and mitigate the most common risks an employee will face.

What you can expect from our training

  • Make suspicious activity stand out naturally
  • Help employees become more secure personally
  • Imbue people with a “security muscle”
  • Add “being secure” to your company culture

Interesting in learning more? Reach out to us to schedule a call to see if our cyber security training is right for your company.