CTO in Residence

The Chief Technology Officer of a technology organization is one of the most critical positions you can have. There are a wide range of reasons that your company may need my help:

Your Current CTO Needs a Hand

Sometimes young technical founders don't have time to learn on the job as they go. It may be outgrowing the technology base, needing to hire experienced developers or setting up a little more process to help stabilize growth. Sometimes it's about being able to communicate effectively with other parts of the company.

I always enjoy coaching and mentoring people and have an affinity for helping technical people learn how to grow their careers.

Senior IT Leadership Has Moved On

If a critical member of your technology team has left for another opportunity, you may need someone to come in and bridge the gap between now and the time a permanent replacement is found. Helping vet permanent replacements is something I can help with.

A Major Transition is Coming

Technology businesses rarely grow on a clean, linear path. Sudden customers demands, success in the marketplace or severe competition can force a business to quickly change focus or scale rapidly. Getting a pair of steady, experienced hands on deck will always help.

Solving challenges like these requires a special skill set. Not only do you need to understand technology at the deepest levels, you also need to manage and motivate technical people while still being able to communicate clearly to the rest of the people in the business.

If you think I can help your business call or email me and we'll see if there's a fit.